Any company or institute that could be providing mutual benefit for themselves and the project by sharing resources, material and/or information can become a collaborator to the project. If the contribution is essential to the project and if the shared information must be treated with confidentiality then the scope and conditions of the cooperation is being laid down in a so called Exchange of documents. Please contact the project coordinator Gerard Nieuwenkamp  if you are interested to become a collaborator.

The following companies and institutes have indicated their interest to be a collaborator to the project:

• Caldon Ultrasonics
• Fordonsgas Sverige AB
• Gate terminal
• GE Measurement and Control Solutions
• Korean Gas Company
• Krohne altometer
• MAN Diesel & Turbo
• Mustang Sampling / Valtronics Inc.
• Emerson Process management Flow bv
• Oil & Gas Measurement Ltd